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Some of the commonly reported features of  "Flying Saucers" may also be found in nature. By carefully  studying these attributes, it may be possible to design and build similar machines.  The following items share some of these characteristics.
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My Ideas On How To Build An Antigravity Machine
The Dual Nature Of Gravity. Dynamic And Static
Details Of Experimental Machine Construction
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These three features are commonly reported in UFO sightings.
Miscellaneous Items. Total Solar Eclipse. Acceleration. Virtual Machine etc
Some Useful Antigravity Links Both Onsite And Offsite
The Total Solar Eclipse And Gravitational Anomalies
What is the truth about Flying Saucers ?     Do they really exist ?
The real question should be,   "What can we learn from them? "
                 If they don't exist we will learn very little of use.
However, if they do exist, and  we keep  on ignoring  them,
We need gravity control to secure our children's future.
           Believe in it.                             Make it happen.