Enormous Rates Of Acceleration
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This account is from August 30th 1956, and the original can be found on the recently released UFO files from the British Ministry Of Defence. This desciption is on Page 103 of file
This link is to a PDF file 26.3 MB, but Page 103 can be accessed on the ORIGINAL link above.
Estimated rate of climb 5 MILES/SECOND
Here we have a sighting of a UFO by 4 fighter pilots in 2 seperate aircraft. With a combination of on board radar and measurements using finger spans against the canopy, later calculations showed the object to be between 600 feet and 1000 feet in diameter.

As the fighters closed in to a distance of 8 miles the UFO accelerated vertically, with the rate of climb estimated to be 5 MILES PER  SECOND.

This report by 4 highly skilled fighter pilots has been sitting for 52 years in the files with no apparent interest taken by anyone. This confirmed rate of acceleration would be about 800g, or 800 times the rate of our gravity.
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