The Solar Eclipse And The Allais Effect
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The map shows that Paris was not within the Umbra of the June 1954 Total Solar Eclipse
1959 Eclipse
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These screenshots from Stellerium shows that Jupiter may be directly behind the Sun during the Eclipse. This is very interesting as I think the Sun's magnetic field, or dynamic gravitational field, is being blocked by the Moon during the Total Solar Eclipse, and causing the pendulum to realign itself with the other major planets. If Jupiter's field is also being blocked then this really leaves only Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune to align the pendulum.

The previous 2 days are shown below, with Jupiter moving into position behind the Sun.
Below Uranus is located about 30 degrees East of the Eclipse.
Saturn and Neptune are both just below the horrizion in the East at the time of the Eclipse. Don't take any notice of the time shown in these pics as my computer is set to another time zone. The black sky is a setting in the program "Atmosphere Off". The time has been moved forward 2 hours to see the planets. Previously they would have been about 10degrees further East.
As Saturn and Neptune are located on the far side of the Solar System there would now be a huge shift in any gravitational effect on a pendulum. We just need to know in which direction.