Some Clues To Causes Of The Allais Effect
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Others have also recorded anomalies during the Solar Eclipse. Science as a whole simply refuses to accept that there may be some unknown factor at work here. This attitude is unlikely to produce much progress towards our understanding of the environment of which we are a part.

The main clue that I think we may be missing is that gravity as we describe it is a static effect. Large celestial bodies bodies affect each others actions in a small but measurable way. This Static effect is exponential. If the distance between bodies doubles then the gravitational effect is a quarter. Scientists are firmly of the belief that just because the Moon is passing in front of the Sun that there can be no alteration to gravity. This is an entirely rational proposition.

Nobody seems to notice that the pendulum is a Dynamic Machine. As such it is highly likely that it is being affected by a Dynamic Effect. Where could this Dynamic Effect be coming from? I suggest that it is what we call the magnetic fields of most of the heavenly bodies around us. As we have a very limited knowledge about how this field is formed, or what it does, we tend to ignore it. It is the Elephant In The Room. I think of it as a Dynamic Gravitational Field.

If we now consider interactions between these fields and a pendulum, it becomes immediately apparent that as the Moon does not have a magnetic field then it would play no part in the action of a pendulum. The main players here are the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

In the main section on the Solar Eclipse in these pages, I describe how the core of the Moon may be blocking the light creating field of the Sun, and it is possible that all of the cores of the planets, moons, and the Sun may also block these fields.

During the Eclipse in 1954, when Allais recorded his famous anomaly, the planet Jupiter was directly behind the Sun. This may mean that suddenly both the Sun and Jupiter, the 2 largest bodies in the Solar System, would have their Dynamic Effect on the pendulum reduced to zero. The pendulum would, and did, react violently.

This seems to me to be an easy problem to solve. Take the data from Allais's and other's observations, combined with the known data of the Dynamic celestial bodies positions and from this use computers to predict the movement of the pendulum in future Solar Eclipses. Accurate predictions would certainly get attention.

The Dynamic Field interactions between all rotating bodies in space may well create quite similar possible living environments.
The reason for this is the velocity at which the Sun's rotating field sweeps each planet. Earth is swept at about 1.2 million KPH, and Saturn at about 12 million KPH. As distance from the Sun increases, the swept velocity increases in a linear manner.

The effect any Dynamic Field has on any other Dynamic Field would occur instantaneously.
Perhaps we could call this "spooky action at a distance".

The October 1959 Total Solar Eclipse had no significant planets near the Sun. The position of the planet Jupiter during Allais's 1954 observations may be the reason why his experiments have proved impossible to repeat. These alignments can be verified by using the freely available Stellarium computer program.

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