The Dual Nature Of Gravity
      Dynamic Gravitational Fields
The Electric Universe & Free Energy

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There is much detailed information on the Electric Universe and Thunderbolts Project websites about Stars being formed along filaments of plasma in space. This is an electrical process, not gravitational as described by mainstream science. It is quite possible that planets could be formed at the same time. Moons could also be formed near planets. Matter is drawn in from the surrounding area and accumulates at a "Z" pinch in the plasma sheaths.

Experiments at the SAFIRE  "Artificial Sun" Project show that the process may be able to transmute, or perhaps, create elements as required.

My suggestion is that the "Z" pinch is created by a local excess of electrical or plasma energy, and that this energy is converted to various elements as and where required to form or give birth to stars and planets. The "sucking in" of dust etc would be a secondary consideration.

This leads to the conclusion that the Universe may be the ultimate impossibility, a free energy machine. Our science is quite fixated on the notion that there is no over unity possible, but our store of knowledge contains little about the true workings of celestial bodies and their fields.

The Electric Universe is treated as pseudo-scientific nonsense, or ignored, by mainstream science. The main concern appears to be "where does all this electricity come from" ?
This is a valid concern and something the Electric Universe does not really address.
The Dynamic Gravitational Fields created within all celestial bodies require vast amounts of electrical input in the form of plasma to generate the required electromagnet core and outer rotation. At the outer limits of these instantaneously created DGFs, there is an interaction with all other DGFs in the vicinity. This interaction would be at an extremely high velocity in most cases and would be without friction. It would create, or enhance an existing  double layer plasma sheath. 

The interaction at the DGFs outer limits may be creating more electrical plasma energy than the input energy required to form the fields.

The Electric Universe is mostly populated by electrical engineering people. I would anticipate the EU would distance themselves from any suggestion of a perpetual motion universe, or a free energy universe.

The Blue Earth cutaway. The Inner Core is Grey and is magnetic, probably
mainly Iron. The Red Outer Core would be Copper or Aluminum. Both Cores
may be stationary or nearly so.