The Total Solar Eclipse And Gravity
         The Black Disk Mystery
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Possible Recording Of Light Creation In The Ionosphere.
How Does The Moon Turn Black
The Maurice Allais Fiasco
In these pages dealing with the Total Solar Eclipse, I claim that it is the removal of a light source in the Ionosphere which results in a Black Disk in the sky. This implies that there may be an electrical point source, a large arc or spark in the Ionosphere, and this may be visible. We see this from the ground as an intense brilliant white light in front of the Sun. But what could this look like from space ?

I spent some time recording the Live Feed from The International Space Station. Many hours just watching and recording, not really knowing what to expect.

On 5th Jan 2017 I recorded 2 consecutive passes over the South China Sea. Below is a screenshot of an apparent light in the atmosphere.
ESA finds hole in Ionosphere during Solar Eclipse
Shadow Bands Anomoly Video
Earthshine Info
While the light is probably caused by sunlight reflected off the ISS, this is unlikely to account for the flaring of the light as it passes across high hills and cliffs on the cloud tops. The videos are short and unedited.