My Second Test Machine
I have been experimenting with a levitating disk held in a fixed location within a frame, to establish if my theories can be converted easily into hardware.

I have utilised an existing ring, which I made for a spin and release machine. This ring is about 300mm diameter, with an array of 72 rare earth magnets around it. These magnets are 10mm diameter x 10mm long. All magnets are fitted with the polarity facing in the same direction, all north on one side of the ring, all south on the othe side. The centre of the ring has been filled in and fitted loosely to an axle which passes through the frame.

The frame is made from 2 plywood discs, each with an array of 36 ferrite magnets 22mm diameter x 25mm long fitted into holes and held in place by magnetic attraction to a sheet steel backing plate. One frame has north pole facing inwards, the other south. When all 3 plates are assembled with the poles facing north to north and south to south, this arrangement levitates when held in any orientation, and it could be refered to as "Sandwich Levitation".

I had anticipated that eliminating the cogging effect of rotating the disc would take a considerable degree of experimentation, but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this arrangement has absolutely no cogging effect, and I am now able to proceed to the next stage. This would be a larger diameter disk, with an extra set of outer circumferencial levitation magnets, using the same magnet layout.

                                             Rotating the assembly by holding the levitating
                                              disc against a spinning bicycle wheel