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Axial Magnet Holders Construction Details

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Marking And Drilling Magnet Holes
Glueing layers of plywood for the axial magnet holders using PVA glue.
Thick pieces of shaped 20mm formply are on top to help clamp the layers tightly together.

Axial describes the direction of the levitation. As there is no axle on this machine, the direction is correct if there was one. In this case, vertical.
Very limited workshop space means a rotating  table is essential. More room could eliminate this requirement.
Raised platform near spanner was installed to assemble the rotor on.
It made it possible to drill round the rotor edges for riveting.

Aluminum tee section clamps are used later as part of the frame assembly.
The hole positions for the 10mm threaded rod are marked on the drawings.
Marking And Drilling Magnet Holes