Experimental Levitating  Rotor Machine
Templates & Plans For The 2500 Diameter
              Model Under construction

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Templates for the setout of the rotor and frame can be found here. A full description of the file contents is below. File is currently 3.65Mb. It is one PDF file (Machine2500.pdf) compressed into a zip file (Machine2500.zip). This file should open with Winzip. If you don't have Winzip, download and install 7zip. This is a freeware program.

This machinery4change PDF  contains:                                              Sept 2013

1 These Info  pages

2 The TAPR License

3 Grid Overviews to make sense of the Templates

4 Templates for the 2500 machine assembly. 83 of these.

5 Rotor internal balance ring diagram.

6 Templates for the construction of an assembly table.

7 Templates for frame Tee section assemblies.

8 Templates for the plywood frame magnet holders.

9 Template for the rotor stiffening panel.

The text on template P62 has changed. It should read:                     

Each sensor or coil has 18 possible
positions so the plate to attach them
can be reasonably compact. As there
are 2 sets of sensors offset about 50
mm it may be better if the sensors are
relocated more central between the
frame rods. This would entail moving
 the coils a corresponding amount.

When the templates are printed, use "A4" and  "No Scaling. The rectangle
marked on each sheet should measure 270mm x 185mm.  The table should be  marked out with this size grid also. May need to try other printers.
My Epson Stylus NX125 works perfectly. A bit slow. PDF files can be printed a page at a time, or a range of pages, or all pages. Find a template with not much on it, and "print current page." Best using color, as color coding makes working on the machine much easier.

There are 2 magenta colored circumferential lines marked. These indicate the setback from 15mm to 27mm clearance between opposing magnets.

Two sets of 3 coils are drawn in. As of Sept2013 I am still using only 1 set, and these are located together on one side. I would have thought it unlikely to get the rotor to move this way, but it does.
The rotor has been altered a little to enable a balance ring to be fitted internally. A 20mm steel tube, if filled 90% with mercury, would add about 28Kg to the rotor weight. Only about 250 Grams would be sufficient to function as a balance ring only, but it would be possible to test for any beneficial effects of rotating mercury in this fashion. If  there is no benefit, then the mercury can be removed. If just a bit more weight helps then the balance ring is big enough to take some oil and small brass or lead balls.

Some template overview files are included. The 1/10th size is used to see the layout of the 1/4 size. The 1/4 size overview allows a perspective on setting out the main templates. There are 83 A4 sheets in the complete template, so it is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle.

A table top construction template is incuded. Eight pieces per layer. Two layers of 16mm whiteboard.