Experimental Levitating  Rotor Machine
 Templates & Plans For A 3000 Diameter
          Model Not Under construction

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Templates for the setout of the rotor and frame can be found here. A full description of the file contents is below. File is currently 1.5Mb. It is one PDF file (Machine3000.pdf) compressed into a zip file (Machine3000.zip). This file should open with Winzip. If you don't have Winzip, download and install 7zip. This is a freeware program.

This info file is included.                                                         14th Dec 2013

The TAPR License is included

The templates for the rotor and frame are included in the file.

Template overview pages to enable placement of main templates.

Tabletop Templates

This Machine has not been constructed, but has been planned as a 20% larger diameter version of the machine being built. There are 18 frame sections, each one much the same size as the 14 section  motor being built. The frame is slightly wider as the rotor has been made 30mm wider and 5 mm thicker. It is now 180mm x 25mm. The number of ribs has been increased from 20 to 40. A skin section of 926mm will join at every 4th rib, and the joins on the reverse side will be offset 2 ribs. A slightly higher stiffener may be incorporated.
The rotor under construction is very strong, with just a little flexing. While the rotor is built like an aircraft wing it will not be subjected to the same stresses as it floats within the magnetic fields. A balance ring of 25mm diameter steel will be built into the structure. At 90% capacity (3.8L) it could hold 51.5Kg of Mercury. The same magnets are used, but quite a lot more of them. The same coils and drive magnets also used. The ratio is now 36 coils to 48 magnets. Two sets of 3 drive coils would be required. The drive magnets have a smaller gap between them, so will also need the dual Hall Sensor direct drive system for motor timing.

Centerline 800 RE Axial Magnets @ 1410 Radius
Rotor Ribs 40
Magnets per rib 20
Outer RE magnets 850 off
48 Drive magnets 160 long. Gap 12
6 Drive Coils
Centerline 22mm Ferrites 385 top 385 bottom
Outer Circumference Ferrites 416 off
Frame sections 18
Each step 57.3mm

Tabletop Templates for Table patterns.
10 patterns required for each layer. 2 layers .
Joins offset half  pattern.
16mm whiteboard or similar.
Recommend fixed tabletop. Extra room allowed all round to support
rotatable  tools. Use  half of a car trailer axle for center radius, with removable centering arms to enable easier working access inside.