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Experimental Levitating  Rotor Machine
                      2400mm Diameter
                   Construction Details

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Machine Rotor Construction Rotating Table
Build Commenced Nov 2008

Rotor Construction Thumbnails
Frame Or Stator Components
My current project is to construct a single levitating motorized ring or rotor within a frame about 2400mm across. The rotor is about 160mm wide x 20mm thick, and the frame about 300mm wide. Circular arrays of Rare Earth magnets have been fitted to the Rotor, and Ferrite magnets
on the frame oppose these. Rollerblade Guide Wheels have been fitted around the inner Rotor diameter to stabilize the Rotor until a speed can be reached where the Rotor is (hopefully) dynamically stable. These are controlled with microcontrollers for automatic retraction. To further assist in stabilizing the Rotor, electromagnets have been fitted around the Frame. These are being tested in a vertical pulsing mode. It is possible that these components can be adapted for machine lateral acceleration.
 A full machine would require two of these Rotors, counter-rotating. and the current design can  easily modified  into a dual rotor machine if required.

Rotor Electronic Drive System
Plans & Circuits
Various Pieces Of Test Equiptment
Machine Weight
Tacho Display
All Guide Wheels Ready LEDs
Start Idle Run Control Panel
Panel Slave Pic
Master Pic
Stabilizer 1 of 7
Stabilizer Switching
Fixed Guide Wheels
Photo April 2016
Start Idle Run Control
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