Alexey Chekurkov Graviflyer            
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The Graviflyer is a machine similar to mine. The builder has many Youtube videos, and there are also some from other people trying to replicate this machine. Alexey uses most of the principals or features which are suspected of being involved in gravitational anomalies.

These are        Rotating magnets
                         Non magnetic conductors
                         High voltage electrostatics
                         Counter rotating parts

I suspect this is a genuine antigravity machine. The theory regarding the fields involved is quite unlike mine. My ideas involve the replication of a naturally occuring  planetary outward acting dynamic gravitational field (DGF), and the repelling or upward movement of the machine as it attempts to centalize within it's distorted field.

Many details are available. Just need searching for. The video quality is usually not too good. The language is Russian, and the Youtube interpreter to English is not the best.