Fog And Snow
If you believe that "updrafts" keep clouds aloft, then consider fog. Fog is nothing other than a low level cloud. So low in fact that it reaches to the ground or water level. When the sun shines through into fog, one can clearly see the tiny water droplets floating around in the air. What will never be seen is an "updraft" holding these droplets up, as there is simply no space under the fog for this "updraft" to exist. Fog usually remains motionless until the heat of the Sun evaporates it.

Snow is another problem for the updraft believers. Very heavy stuff snow, but it usually just floats gently to the ground. Extremely calm conditions can exist before and during snowfall, with not the slightest sign of an "updraft".

It is common knowledge that the air temperature can increase noticeably before snowfall. This is because the temperature of the water in the atmosphere has fallen below freezing point, and a vast quantity of latent heat is then released as the water turns to ice. The implication here is that all of the snowflakes have formed well before they start to fall, and all that weight of snow is just floating around with no "updraft" to assist.

Rain, hail, snow, and fog. There is not the slightest sign that "updrafts" hold any of these aloft. It appears that a change of state also creates a state of weightlessness. Otherwise known as anti-gravity.
Atomic Weights And Water Vapor
Atomic Weights And Water Vapor