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This is the PCB I am using (Oct 2012) for decoding the Hall Sensor analog voltage outputs. The board it is made from was bought from Element14 and is Kelan 147899. It has 41 strips plus 1 undrilled  strip each side for a total of 43, and this design uses all 43 strips x 56 ways.
The purchased width is 114mm and the length is 365mm (144Ways).

This PCB is for use with dual Hall Sensor sets. It is used to adjust the motor timing.
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Download Dual 185Kb
Single Decoder Details
                 This is the same circuit as above, but uses a stripboard from Jaycar HP9544.
                                                    I have not built and tested it.
DesignSpark schematic of the circuit I am  still using. (230715). Works well.