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My Name is Paul Andrew Messenger. I was born in New Zealand in 1943 and spent my first 2 decades there, but now live in Australia, retired, after spending my working life as a qualified plumber.

As a 10 year old child I saw a cigar shaped UFO. Very clearly, and for me then, and now, it was unequivocal. From the time I could first read I was aware of, and very interested in these machines. They were reported in the newspapers then, although with some bias. The media now makes no mention of such things, except to ridicule. Many books have been written on the subject, and  I have read a lot of them. Searching for possible clues as to how they might work.

The Space Program has always fascinated me, and I try to keep up with all the new discoveries. Rockets have always been the "main thrust" of this industry. Science still teaches that anti gravity is impossible while never supplying proof of this. So nobody appears to try anything new.

At some stage it became apparent that I should "look to nature" for clues, and this is where most of the answers to anti gravity seem to be.

Around 2006 I made the decision to attempt to build a machine incorporating all the ideas accumulated over my lifetime. Someone once said to me, "If you want the job done, you're  going to have to do it yourself," and I suspect  this is true.

Building and repairing things is something I have always enjoyed, and the results have usually been successful. While I remain confident about my theories, I am less so about my ability to turn these ideas into working hardware. Gradually more sections of the machine are  operating correctly, but not yet as a whole.

To make the building of the machine possible I have had to learn practical electronics, magnetics, computer programming, and, not so essential, website creation and maintenance.

Much detail is being presented in this website, in the hope that others may see the merits of attempting to build a similar machine. Also it forces me to document my work in an orderly manner. April 2016

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