Anomalous Gravitational Effects

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                              Antigravity And The Multinational Oil Companies.

Often one reads about attempts by "Big Oil" to suppress any inventions which may impact adversely on their business. Indeed, the general feeling is that it could be personally dangerous to try to bring to market anything in the antigravity / free energy / overunity field.

Oil companies appear to see anything in this area as a PROBLEM, when in fact antigravity could present an OPPORTUNITY to them.

If  anyone manages to create an anti gravity machine, and if this machine is easy to manufacture and cheap to run, it could in time become a useful means of mass transportation. But multitudes of people taking to the sky, in a manner similar to the way we use our motor vehicles, could be somewhat chaotic and dangerous. Our movements would need to be controlled similarly to Air Traffic Control. We have the technology now to make this a reality.

My suggestion is that the oil companies be GIVEN this control and coordination job by governments, but with govt having an overseeing input.

In the capitalistic societies in which we live, we should not expect to be able to travel at no cost to ourselves. In exchange for organized, controlled, and safe travel, we should expect to pay a fee.

To enable an orderly transition to a new form of transport, this fee should be initially high. As oil usage declines, the price of oil should rise. And as the number of new machines increases, the unit cost of the fee for use could fall. The oil companies would see no reduction in their profits, and would move away from being a likely "sunset industry".

The fuel industry could then offer encouragement and incentives to inventors to produce an actual working machine, able to be replicated by using freely available and complete plans and specifications.

This would create a "win win" situation for both the energy providers and the environment.

The oil companies should prepare for the future by having  arrangements in place, just in case a method to control gravity is found.
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