The Dual Nature Of Gravity
 Dynamic Gravitational Fields

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1    Electric currents or field surrounding the Earth in the ionosphere
2    Area of interaction between Sun's & Earth's magnetic fields
3    Suns magnetic or dynamic gravitational field.
4    Earth's "Off Center"or distorted magnetic or dynamic gravitational field
Scientists currently believe that the distorted shape of the Earth's Magnetic Field is caused only by the "Solar Wind" impacting our atmosphere in a direct direction from the Sun,  but the Sun's rotating magnetic field must also sweep the Earth's magnetic field in a sideways motion.
This sweeping velocity is similar to the Solar Wind velocity, but this must increase linearly with distance. For example, the sweeping velocity at Saturn would be about 12 million KPH, while the Solar Wind velocity would still be about 1 million KPH.
The ionospheric electric currents and distorted field shape are more likely to be created by this sweeping action. The electric currents created appear to be a self regulating "Force Field" in true science fiction fashion, with the fourfold purpose of (1) shielding us, but not the oceans, from the external gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon, (2) removing the effects of variable centrifugal force, (3) creating some part of our planetary lighting, and (4) protecting us from the Solar Wind radiation.