The Dual Nature Of Gravity
    Dynamic Gravitational Fields

          Solar Magnetosphere Rotational Velocity
The Sun has a Magnetic field which apparently extends to the outer limits of the Solar System. As the Sun rotates, this field must rotate with it. The magnetic field may appear to spiral because of propagation delay, and this seems to be in agreement with the following.

At great distances, the rotation of the Sun twists the magnetic field and the current sheet into the Archimedean spiral like structure called the Parker spiral.

This spiraling, if it does exist, would be an effect of the "Solar Wind" travelling at a relatively slow speed of about 400 KPS. The Dynamic Gravitational Field I describe in these pages would be a quite  distinctly different instantaneous entity.
I have seldom seen anything describing the rate that  this magnetic field must sweep the planet's magnetic fields. We are told about the "Solar Wind", but this is always described in a very static way. The Sun's magnetic field may be both compressing and sweeping the Earth's magnetic field at a velocity that is about 12 times the speed that the Earth is orbiting the Sun. My calculations show this sweeping velocity to be a bit more than 1.1 million Klm per hour after allowing for 107,000 klm per hour orbital speed.

Approximate figures.


Earth's distance from Sun.                                           =  150 Million Klm
Orbit                                                                             =  942 Million Klm

Earth Hours per orbital rotation  365 x 24                   = 8760
Orbit 942,000,000 / 8760                                             = 107,500 Klm per Hour

Hours per rotation 30 x 24                                            = 720
Field velocity at Earth orbit 942,000,000 / 720            = 1,308,000 Klm per Hour

This is an enormous velocity.

What about Saturn.

Saturn distance from the Sun                                        = 1400 Million Klm
Orbit                                                                              =  8800 Million Klm

Earth Hours per orbital rotation  365 x 24 x 29.7yrs    =   260172
Orbit 8,800,000,000 / 260,172                                      =   33,823 Klm per Hour

Hours per rotation 30 x 24                                            = 720
Field velocity at Saturn orbit 8,800,000,000 / 720       = 12,222,222 Klm per Hour

Our science is very convinced that life could not exist anywhere else in the Solar System, because of the distance from the Sun. But nobody will even consider that there may be other means of creating light and heat from the Sun. It is not sensible to ignore the possibility that a magnetic field sweeping past Saturn's magnetic field at 12 million Klm per hour is doing nothing useful. Keep in mind that we have no idea why or how these large extended magnetic fields are created.
As the Sun's Magnetosphere extends outwards, it is possible that it diminishes in strength. If this occurs in a linear fashion, then the linear increase in the velocity at which a planet's magnetosphere is swept by the Sun's rotating field, would be  an exact compensation. If the interaction between these rotating fields creates some of our planet's light, then any rotating planet at any location in any Solar System could be provided with the light required for life to be sustained.