Amazing New Gravity Study By Mike Gamble.
Mike Gamble, an engineer at The Boeing Corp, looks at the electrical, magnetic and harmonic properties of our planet, and establishes a direct link between these aspects and an accelerating force field (gravity). The links to the left enable access to  the study files in pdf format. The brief summary below was written by Mike.
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    I started this "Study of Gravity" back in 2007 more as a curiosity than research.  Looking in the textbooks all you find about gravity is the statement that it is an attraction between two bodies and varies as the mass and separation.  I thought there must be more to it, so I started collecting data (googled web sites) about the earth.  My problem is that I am an engineer and ask the dumb question - WHY!  Why is the earth round, Why are the radiation belts donut shaped, Why is geosync orbit stable, Why is there a size limit on the magnetosphere and an even bigger WHY are they all located where they are?  There must be something going on behind the scenes, so I thought I would dig a little deeper.  Being of the electronics type I was trained to think in terms of waves, harmonics and frequencies. The "wow moment" in the research came when I realized that the numbers (harmonics, waveshapes and transforms) were aligning way to close with the measured data just to be a coincidence.  After releasing the first presentation I have learned that most people in the gravity (theory) business are of the particle type, so I am a little out in left (electromagnetic) field.
    My understanding of science is that to make or maintain a specific physical shape (round, square, etc.) requires that forces be applied in different places, in different amounts and in different directions.  When all those forces are correctly balanced that physical shape magically appears.  What's going on behind the scenes may be more important then what the scenes display.  If you take that thought all the way back to the very beginning "God created worlds (physical) from the void (nothing) with ironclad laws (forces)".  The physics book tells us that forces can be mechanical, electrical and nuclear.  My experience (personal bias) is that it is easier to generate electromagnetic forces then mechanical ones.  This was my starting point after which I used good engineering practices (crunched the numbers) and then discovered that things started to fall into place.  After that things got real interesting!
    A little more of the papers history.  It took me two years to get the first presentation through the release system (out the door) as it was not their normal or regular stuff.  They also requested that I remove the presentation from company letterhead charts.  That was my initial "Study of Gravity" release.  However, they changed their mind on that one when they learned I was going to present the paper at an international conference.  So it was one more time through the hoops to get it back on company letterhead this time with their full blessing (registered and copywrited).  After the conference presentation I was also asked for copies of my pitch notes to go along with the charts.  So it was another round through the release system.  The gravity presentation now contains the pitch notes interleaved (every other page) with the charts; also it's twice the size.  It was much easier getting the second paper out the door as it only deals with transforming the equations from Part 1 into electromagnetic ones; more their normal stuff.
Mike Gamble has given permission for both the above summary and his Study to be included in this site. He does not in any way endorse or support my views or project. My personal view is that what Mike describes in his Study is what I refer to as a Dynamic Gravitational Field.   Below is a sample page from the Study.