Lateral Acceleration Using A Separate Offset  Field  Within The Machine's Main Offset Field.         
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The double levitating disc machine which I envisage may or may not develop a field which would enable it to accelerate away from the source of gravity. However if it were to work I believe there may be a possibility that another offset field could be produced, emanating from an array of frame mounted, electronically controlled coils, surrounding the rotating discs, and another set of magnets in a Halbach Array configuration, mounted on the rotating discs.

The field I have in mind is an adaptation of a powerful field developed by the designers of the Inductrac Train ,whose work is absolutely brilliant.  Note that the Inductac train is a patented and tested machine, not just a theory.

The arrangement I have in mind would have Halbach Arrays around  the outer circumference of the rotating, levitating rings. It should be noted here that the Inductrac team have stated that their calculations show that the lift to drag ratio is opposite to that encountered in airplane design. With their machine, drag would theoretically reduce to zero at about 500 miles per hour, leaving only lift at this speed. This velocity is coincidentally around the speed I believe my discs may require to create a gravitational field, and would show that Dynamic  Gravitational Fields may be produced in at least 2 different ways.

The coils would be arranged around the frame at a suitable distance from the Halbach Arrays. However these coils, unlike those used by the levitating train, would not be short circuited, but controlled individually by transistors, to be normally open circuit. The result should be no drag when starting or running, and then no drag when any are switched to closed circuit at operating speed.

More Lateral Acceleration