Tornadoes & Antigravity
Tornadoes are being recorded on video cameras regularly and with some very clear results. My main interest is the way that quite large objects, when in the center of the storm, appear to float in the air. If a violent updraft was holding these objects up then it could be expected that they would travel upward a great distance, and be flung from a great height over a very large area. However this does not occur. It appears that the high velocity rotational wind tends to destroy most buildings and anything else which gets in the way, but as the debris is thrown around, if it gets into the center, it then just floats.
Note that a tornado also fits the pattern for Anomalous Gravitational Effects. It rotates at high speed (350 MPH is sometimes quoted). It is electrically charged as evidenced by the lightning flashes within. It may be possible that the objects which appear to float are being partially shielded from the Earth's gravity. 
Also of interest is that the really destructive tornadoes in USA are reported to reach up to, or reach down from, the Jet Stream. While little is known about the Jet Streams ,they also fit the pattern of high speed rotating rings and therefore Anomalous Gravitational Effects.

A simulation of how a Tornado is thought to operate can be found at the Canberra science museum Questacon. Hot moist air comes from a grate in the floor, under which is a heated open tank.  A ceiling fan is arranged about 1800mm above the floor. When the display is operating, the cloud formed can be seen rising  from the floor and up through the ceiling fan.

A minor problem is that the Tornado is upside down. This suggests that we do not  understand the principals involved in the formation of Tornadoes.