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I encourage anyone who wants to build this machine, using the information contained on this site, to do so. I hold no patents rights, and will apply for none. In the event that the machine does as  predicted, all details are provided free of cost under The TAPR Open Hardware License.

Be aware that there may be any number of dangers involved in the construction and testing of this machine. Any consequences of using any of this information, in any way, is your responsibility.

Just a few of the more obvious possible dangers are listed below.

1      Mechanical failure of the complete rotor, or dislodgement of the attached magnets. This rotor is not "engineered". It has been designed by a non qualified person. It is designed like an airplane wing, and is very rugged. The normal flexing of an airplane wing is not a consideration here as the rotor is held within the fixed location of it's magnetic fields. Centrifugal force may be the main problem. As the rotor has no central axle, it is impossible for me to calculate the forces involved. In this situation the forces may be higher or lower than normal. The radial repelling magnetic fields may well reduce any detrimental effects.

2     A large external magnetic (or gravitational) field may develop, similar to our planet's, and detailed in the results of a similar experimental machine built by Godin and Roschin. The field they created extended out 15 meters around their machine. Any similar field around my machine may well extend much further. Serious health hazards may exist within this field.

3     The effects of working with, and handling large quantities of powerful magnets may carry health hazards.

4      A powerful electric field may develop around the machine, similar to our planet's ionosphere. This may manifest as light. It could be high voltage, possibly lethal to contact.

5       Anyone using a pacemaker or similar should be kept well away. No access at all, ever. Rotor spinning or stationary.

It is possible that the safest place from any hazardous fields would be in the center of the machine, isolated from the ground. This is a guess, not a recommendation.

Any testing should be done by remote control from a considerable distance, protected by a considerable structure.
The TAPR Open Hardware License
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