Roschin & Godin
V. V. Roschin and S. M. Godin have done some experimental work on a simplified or cut down version of the Searl Effect Generator. The machine was built and tested at the Institute for High Temperatures, at the Russian Academy of  Science.

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is claimed to produce "Free Energy", and Roschin and Godin were attempting to verify these claims. They have produced a paper detailing their results. The results appear to confirm that the SEG does in fact "self run" when spun up with an electric motor, and then physically disconnected. It appears to produce electricity while in this self running mode.

My particular interest is in the carefully noted and described side effects of these experiments, as this machine comprises rotating magnetic fields, in a layout similar to my design.

The first and most important is a 35% reduction in the weight of the unit when running at about 600RPM. When reversed, the machine gained weight.

The second effect is that sections of the machine became surrounded  with an aura or light when self running.

The third effect, and probably vitally important to our understanding of gravity, is a series of magnetic fields produced, extending 15 meters out from the machine. These fields were measured with a Hall Effect Sensor, and were about 100mm wide and spaced apart about 600mm. The 600mm gaps had no field. The 100mm fields also featured a noticeable temperature drop.

In my opinion these external fields are similar to the hugely extended and little understood magnetic field around the Earth, and the ring like nature is similar to the Van Allen Belts.

Mike Gamble has produced an excellent paper on the harmonic structure of the fields and belts around the Earth, which he believes may provide clues about the nature of gravity. In conjunction with the Roschin/Godin work, I suspect he is right.