Machine Rotor Construction
            Rotating Table

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Table Magnet Position Template
Photo shows partially completed rotor. The bottom half is complete,
the magnets fitted, and part of the top half done.

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Rotor Construction Thumbnails
Balancing The Rotor
I've built a circular rotating work table. This is constructed mainly from discarded Dexion angle sections. The outer diameter is 2500mm, and the inner diameter is 1900mm. The only reason for a rotating table is a lack of workshop floor area. It is designed to allow access to enable work to be done from both inside and outside. The 300mm wide ring shaped table top  rotates by hand on 8 sets of 2 rollerblade wheels, and is fixed to a central axle. To the same central axle  is fitted an independently rotatable radius arm, for setting out the magnet positions, and carrying a router or any other tools to required to make an accurate circle. A Smartdrive washing machine  shaft and 2 hubs have made used for the axle. Half of a car trailer axle/wheel would have made a better, more robust arrangement.
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