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3 Identical boards are used to make the 3 phase bridge arrangement shown. The boards can be located in one area, or spread out around the motor at each coil.
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Veroboard Layout

The arrangement below allows the use of heavy cables connected direct to the MOSFETs. The MOSFETs are rated for 28amps continuous. The drain is also the heatsink mount, so the leg is removed.
The source leg is bent out, and the discarded drain leg is bent and soldered to the copper track and source leg. An extra diode to supplement the built in mosfet diode can be attached here also. A normal terminal connector enables heavy guage cable to be fitted to the source. A bolt through the heatsink allows heavy guage cable connection to the drain. Each 36v input is fused, so this fuse may need to be bypassed with a diode for regenerative braking under blown fuse conditions.

MOSFET Board Mk3
As of Sept 2012 this Mk2 board has been superseded by Mk3