What Does All This Mean ?

My interpretation of this phenomenon is that the storms  on the surface of the Sun act just as they do here on Earth. These storms are more likely to be of a magnetic or electrical nature.

A stationary tornado forming above the molten surface could set a large area of the liquid into rotation. This hot  rotating liquid could then induce an enormous rotating magnetic  field around itself. The material within this rotating magnetic field  then accelerates away from the surface, exactly as UFOs are reported to do. This acceleration continues until the rotation slows, and then the Ejected Mass is once more subjected to the Suns gravity, and falls back to the surface.

High speed rotating magnetic fields appear to hold a key to overcoming gravity, and nature appears to be showing us this fact. Perhaps these CME events should be called by a more correct name, "Coronal Mass Accelerations"

The shape of the Earths Magnetic Field may supply the major clue as to why these Coronal Mass Ejections can overcome the effects of gravity. Both the Earth and a Coronal Mass Ejection may be situated within an off center magnetic or gravitational field. Each would be attempting to accelerate to its own "Center of Gravity".  The Mass/Rotational Rate ratio could determine the likelihood of any actual acceleration.