Lateral Acceleration Using A Separate Offset Field  Within The Machines Main Offset Field
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It is possible that the Stabilizer Coils I am fitting to the machine may also serve as the Lateral Acceleration components, with very little extra cost or effort.  Two relays would be
required. One relay would be a DPDT, (Relays 1 & 2) and the other a SPST.(Relay 3)

Mode 1. All Relays are unpowered, and the Stabilizer Coil is Open circuit. No fields or     electric currents should be created. Normal running condition. May induce opposing magnetic field in steel core beneficial to Rotor levitation.

Mode 2. Relays 1 & 2 unpowered. Relay 3 Powered. Stabilizer Coil is now shortcircuit.
This should generate a strong field for Lateral Acceleration.

Mode 3. Relays 1 & 2 are powered. Startup and shutdown conditions. Relay 3 unpowered.
Stabilizer Coil now able to be operated via MOSFET.

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The concept of a Virtual Machine could also be tried for Lateral Accelleration.
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