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My ideas For Designing & Building  An Antigravity Machine Capable Of Controlling The Effects Of Gravity, Using Available Technology, And By Simply Re-interpreting Some Of The Things That We See.

What would happen if the Earth was hollow
Solar Magnetosphere Rotational Velocity
We need to look closely at the shape of the Earth's Magnetic field. Modern science would have us believe that the distorted shape is caused by the "Solar Wind." It seems far more likely that it is an interaction between the Sun's rotating magnetic field and the Earth's rotating magnetic field. Rotating magnetic field interactions give us most of our electricity.

Very little attention is given to the band of electrical conduction in the upper atmosphere. This is an area where huge voltages, and very low pressure atmosphere meet. This combination would almost certainly produce colored (blue?) fluorescent or neon type light. If you don't think this is correct then check out the  Saturn light. Different velocities and/or masses and/or distances from the Sun could place the electrical band, therefore the light, at any location, inside or outside of an atmosphere. This is also the area where the Earth's distorted magnetic field is closest to the Earth.

I believe that the high voltage electrical currents are created by an interaction between the Suns magnetic field, and the Earth's rotating magnetic field. The Sun's magnetic field is probably rotating with the Sun, and therefore the velocity difference at the point of interaction between the 2 fields would be 12 to 1. The Sun's field would be sweeping our field at about 1million Klm per hour. The direction of our planetary axial rotation would have little extra effect.

Science has never been able to establish why the Earth has such a strong magnetic field, when the Earth's magnetism is so low. I suggest that the fields, both Earth and Sun, should be considered Dynamic Gravitational Fields

If we consider the Earth's distorted field to be a distorted gravitational  field, we can then see that the Earth is nowhere near its "center of gravity." We tend to think of  "center of gravity" as something to do with inertia, as in cars, where the engine is kept low to keep the "center of gravity low" and therefore minimize the risk of rollover on bends.

It may be possible that the Earth is always attempting to reach its "center of gravity",  but is unable to move away from the Sun because of its mass. It has reached a point of equilibrium between orbital speed and mass.

What would happen if the Earth was hollow