The Dual Nature Of Gravity
 Dynamic Gravitational Fields

Solar Magnetosphere Rotational Velocity
I prefer to think of  the normal  MASS related gravity, which effects the planets and our Moon in known and proven ways as "Static Gravity." The Moon's calculated gravity proved to be the same as the actual gravity when man visited the Moon. However the Moon has no extensive magnetic field like the Earth, and almost no axial rotation. The Moon's density is about 60% of the Earth's density, giving rise to theories about a hollow Moon.

Another concept of gravity is related to ROTATING celestial bodies.  This type limits in a variable way, the effects of centrifugal force on surface objects.  With this type there is both axial rotation and a large "off center"or distorted  magnetic field with a size far in excess of what would be expected, considering the weak nature of the underlying magnetic rocks. There is also generated at some distance an electric field or Ionosphere and associated planetary lighting.

My preference is to refer to the large magnetic field , as "Dynamic Gravity" or as a "Dynamic Gravitational Field".  This appears to be closely related to  "Inertia" or "Centrifugal Force"

This Dynamic Gravity is an outward acting force, probably instantaneous, and also likely to be alternating or pulsing, and the actual source of what is known as "Schumann Resonance" This is what some refer to as "The Earths Heartbeat" and is about 8.3 Hertz. This frequency is also coincidentally, the frequency that Nikola Tesla  was using in his work on capturing atmospheric electricity. This field may extend to the outer limits of the universe.

Also incorporated is a variable inward acting aspect supplementing or over riding the normal Static Gravity, and following the same inverse square rule. This is an aspect of the charge difference of the Ionosphere, compared to Earth.

This inward acting part of the Dynamic Gravitational Field may not be equal in acceleration value to  the Earth's Static Gravity, and may explain more logically the apparent difference in density between the Earth and Moon.
                          Diagram of Earth's Magnetic/Dynamic Gravitational Field
                          Diagram of Earth's area of greatest rotational velocity.
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