Anomalous Gravitational Effects

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This Website is about commonalities between naturally occurring phenomenon, particularly rotating or counter-rotating magnetic or electrically charged bodies, WHICH APPEAR TO HAVE GRAVITATIONAL DISCREPANCIES, OR ANOMALIES, with a view to building a machine to mimic these natural effects.

               My main interest in Science is in areas which Science/Scientists:

                          1    "Don't fully understand"

                           2     Totally ignore, or

                           3     Ridicule ideas, observations or people

"Don't fully understand" means "Haven't got a clue."  Totally ignoring, for example Allais's work on gravitational anomalies during a Total Solar Eclipse, is somewhat less than sensible.  For scientists to ridicule people who have reported observations of, for example, UFOs, is really bad news. In most cases a scientist of repute will offer what appears to be a countering scientific explanation, when in fact it is nothing other than, at best, a biased,  unresearched, personal opinion. At worst it sometimes appears to be a deliberate attempt  to disseminate false information.

I have found that the above  3 cases usually involve Gravity or Antigravity.

The word "anomaly" used anywhere in these pages  is the normal usage as in "anomalous", a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form, and not for orbital angles as defined for astronomy.

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