Rotor Electronic Drive System   Brushless DC Motor (BLDC)
Hall Effect Sensor Decoding Direct Drive
Rotor Electronic Drive System Power Supply Main Switch
3 Phase Mosfet Bridge And MOSFET PCB MK2
Rotor Electronic Drive System Detailed Modular Arrangement
Rotor Electronic Drive System MOSFET PCB Mk3   
Rotor Electronic Drive System Batteries and Relays Layout
Rotor Electronic Drive System MOSFETs
Rotor Electronic Drive System Coils Mk 1
Rotor Electronic Drive System Test & Measuring Equipment
Rotor Electronic Drive System Dual MOSFET Bridges
Rotor Electronic Drive System Mk3 MOSFET Board
Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Theory
Hall Effect Voltages And Switching Sequence
Picaxe Code For PWM Switching
Rotor Electronic Drive System Details Of Failsafe Relays
Fail Safe Relays DesignSpark Circuit
Failsafe Relays VeeCad Circuit
Rotor Electronic Drive System Manual Startup Control
VeeCad Hall Effect Sensor Direct Drive Decoding Circuit
Rotor Electronic Drive System Hall Sensors And Mounting
Rotor Electronic Drive System 14 Section Frame Setout
Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Theory Motor Switching Steps
Power Supply Switching. An Alternative Switching Possibility
Index to Machine Rotor Construction
Machine Rotor Construction  Rotating Table
Machine Rotor Construction   Table Magnet Position Template
Machine Rotor Construction  Rotor and Frame Elevation
Machine Rotor Construction  Rotor Skin And Folding Jig
Machine Rotor Construction Axial Levitation R Earth Magnet Setout
Machine Rotor Construction  Rotor Magnet Holder Drilling
Machine Rotor Construction  Installing Axial Magnets
Machine Rotor Construction  Axial Magnets Holders
Installing Rotor Radial Levitation  Magnets
Experimental Levitating  Rotor Machine 2400mm Diameter
Rotor Construction More Rotor Radial Levitation  Magnets
Rotor Construction Drive Magnets Preparation
Rotor Construction Drive Magnets Steel Backing
Rotor Construction Drive Magnets Polarity
Rotor Construction Drive Magnets Installation Jig
Experimental Levitating  Rotor Machine Plans & Circuits
Levitating  Rotor Machine More Plans & Circuits
VeeCad Decoder Files & DesignSpark Schematic Files
Templates & Plans For The 2500 Diameter Model
Plans For A 3000 Diameter Model Not Under construction
Drive System  Electro Magnetic Rotor Stabilization
Machine Frame or Stator Using Router On Radius Arm
Machine Frame or Stator Construction Details
Stator Axial Magnet Holders Construction Details
Frame or Stator Cross Section Construction Details
Frame or Stator Marking And Drilling Axial Magnet Holes
Frame or Stator Assembling Radial Magnet Holder
Frame or Stator Assembling Radial Magnet Holder
Frame or Stator Assembling & Drilling Radial Magnet Holder
Frame or Stator Radial Magnet Holder Steel Band
Frame or Stator Drilled Radial Magnet Holder
Single Hall Effect Decoder